Ok... not quite yet!

So after a short phone call with my friend, we won't be leaving til near the end of the April. Which is great for me as I wasn't completely packed anyways.

Twice a year the Dempster highway closes for a month or two. The only way in or out of Inuvik during these periods are by air.

During the freeze up at the end of fall, parts of the highway become short ice-roads crossing the various rivers that meander across the north. While the ice is freezing, its too thin to drive on, and the ferries can't run, leaving no way to cross the water. In the late spring, the rivers melt and ferries allow passage. During the melt the ice flows clog the rivers preventing the ferries from running.

Keeping a close eye on the highway, we will likely leave just before the thaw, which doesn't usually happen until the end of April.

In short, it will be at least a couple more weeks before I begin to make regular posts; or at least interesting ones.


Imperator said…
just hurry the eff up and leave :P
Anonymous said…
Take a dog team. Don't be a slacker!
Jeff D. Jones said…
Mush, jeet, jeet, haw!

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