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Phylactery... Post Mortum

Hey everyone, it's been more than a month since the release of our latest Dead North short film. It's time to write a few words about the experience.

Anyone who hasn't watched the film yet can find it here:

Phylactery on Vimeo.

Phylactery was a grand experiment, and I consider it a highly successful one.

Making this short was the new most difficult thing I have ever done, it took a crushing amount of work crammed into a brutally short time period. In some ways it suffered from the time crunch, but I still managed to achieve something incredibly difficult.

Fantasy is the hardest genre to do with no budget... it's the single-most prop and location heavy type of film. You either have to make it or fake it. So managing to film an entire fantasy short, with next to no resources I am proud of. It's not the best film in the universe, but it was an incredible learning experience on multiple levels.

For those too lazy to watch it, most the film takes place inside a winter fa…

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