Fire In The Sky...

So it turns out, northern lights are really hard to photograph. At least with my combination of camera and lenses. (A Canon Rebel T2I and a couple of hunks of el' cheapo low-end Canon glass).

I currently own one lens with any chance in heck of taking decent photos of these mystical lights.
An EF 50mm f/1.8 II, a lens that it turns out is really damn hard to focus in the inky blackness of night.

Oh, and before you say, but my little $200 point-and-shoot... or my iPhone looks better than that. I already know. It turns out having a 'fancier' DSLR camera makes some things harder, unless you can afford to spend big dollars on lenses or a few grand on a 'much fancier' camera.

So this is my third try, and it although they turned out far better than the last couple of times...they still suck.

I decided to post them here anyways, so that when I do nail it, you have a reference point.

So enjoy, in blurry Jeff-O-Vision.

So green, so very, very green!

Super-heated plasma at it's finest!
They started to get really bright here.

I assure you, these were jaw-dropping in real-life-o-vision.

I lied, I made all these with a can of beans and a lighter!

If you stick to the thumbnails, they look pretty nice!

If you want to see some much sharper ones check out Danielle's blog, she snapped them at the same time on her Nikon. Excuse me, I have to go wipe the tears off my Canon T2I now.

Oh, here's the link:


Danielle said…
They're not as bad as my disastrous astro-photography experiment. All you need is a good wide angle...or a Nikon.
Jeff D. Jones said…
Hope your little Nikon is weather proof, cause my new goal is to make you cry on it. *starts saving for 5d MKIII*
Anonymous said…
Try setting your focus to infinity in manual mode (there might be a switch on your lens), increasing your ISO and bit and decreasing your exposure time.
Jeff D. Jones said…
I actually have tried all those things, although next time I am going to experiment with higher ISO. Thanks for the advice though.
Thank you for sharing. Your photography is amazing!! Beautiful blog you are very special. Thank you for sharing your talent and beauty.
Jeff D. Jones said…
Wow, thanks! I had a look through your artwork as well. Your art is very intense, surreal and has awesome use of color. Some gorgeous pieces, I wish I could paint that good.

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