I decided to make a quick post today to put up a few photos of the damage caused to the trailer during our trip up, and a few other pictures as well.

Let's get started.

The Suspension System
This used to be straight up and down, not crooked and nearly rubbing against the tires.

Crooked Suspension System
Another View Showing The U-Bolt Sawing Through A Support Block!
The Wiring
We had no trailer lights when we arrived at town, the rocks pummeled the wires into a cracked broken mess.

They Look Brokeded!

The Fenders
The one that didn't rip off was pretty much a tiny shard of plastic held in place by a bolt.

Check Out The Sweet Fender!
Ali & Robyn
It was a hell of a trip and I couldn't have picked a couple of crazier or better people to hitch a ride with. Thanks guys, you rock!

Ali & Robyn

Allrighty, that's enough for now. Some day I'll go for a walk and snap a few pictures of town, there are some interesting buildings and places up here.

There are also some really interesting weather conditions.

Since I've arrived here (around two weeks-ish ago) we have gone from -18oC to +9 and warmer. It pretty much happened overnight. I was wearing a tuque and heavy clothing everyday, and one day it was suddenly just too warm. Everything was frosty and cold and then, water and mud everywhere!

I wanted to get some pictures of the strange ice conditions, but they melted before I could. Maybe next year!


Anonymous said…
great pics glad you made it! -K.-
Kat said…
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