Fishing, brutal heat and Bulldogs, summer in Inuvik.

I realized I haven't posted much, well, anything lately. So I figure it's time for an update.

So turns out summer in the far north is brutal hot, and people tell me that this has been a cool year. It's nice though, except for the bugs, which people also tell me are not bad this year.

It's been recommended I enjoy summer while it lasts, so with that in mind I've been doing as much fishing as possible. In the past two weeks I've been out fishing for Arctic Grayling. Wading in cool streams, and pulling little silver pan-fish out of the waters to their doom (aka, the frying pan). Terry, my boss, is hooked on fishing as well and we've been out wading through the streams a few times a week with whoever is crazy enough to brave the bugs and come with us. More often than not, this is my co-worker Tate. Speaking of bugs... wow... just wow... you haven't lived until you've been swarmed by Bulldogs (giant horseflies) or been stung by so many mosquitoes that you feel like you've been in a stinging-nettle patch.

Terry Getting The Hang of Fly Fishing

Tate Trying to Catch More Fish By Two-Handing Rods!

A Nice Sized Grayling
Grayling are tasty, somewhat like white fleshed trout, but without that signature trout flavor. They are energetic little fish, hanging out in the moving currents seemingly in preference to lazy pools like most fish. It might have something to do with the Jackfish (Northern Pike) hanging out in said pools, but who knows.

Another Good Sized Grayling

Wow, There Are Tree's Up Here!

Cliff's Up Rengleng River
There is some amazingly beautiful country up here when it isn't covered in frost. Actually it probably still is during the winter, guess I'll find out in a few months.

During our forays I found this wicked cool algae filled pool, I'll leave you with a few photos of this.

Almost Looks Like a Nebula or Universe!


The Dark End

Close Up!

It's Pretty Now, But Falling In Here Would Suck.

Well that's it for now. It's possible I may eventually get to tag along on a trip to Tuktoyaktuk, if that happens I should have some wicked pictures to put up here, but well see.

See ya people.


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