Snapping stills in the cold...

So even thought I bought it for the video quality it turns out that my new Canon Rebel t2i takes really damn nice still images, who knew?! I've had some time to go running all over Inuvik snapping pictures and video with what little time and daylight I could muster. I'll let the results speak for themselves, for better or worse.

Remember, click for a full-size view of the photos. Feel free to leave a comment on the bottom as well telling me what a terrible photographer I am and how you are going to break my camera next time you see me, or just lie to me and tell me I'm a photographic genius. Whichever works for you.

These benches overlook the MacKenzie delta.
Here's another one looking out over the ice road on the MacKenzie River.
Another view of the ice road.
Congratulations Inuvik, on the only stop sign I've ever seen in the middle of a river!
I'm no expert but I don't think this is how you winterize a boat, hope it still runs.
The wind creates some wicked-neat stratified layers in the snow up here.
Apparently this is our water supply in the winter, at least that's what the sign says!
A nice sunset out over the ice road.
Just a nice wintery scene, the trees get covered in hoar-frost. It's purdy!
This is a view of the back of the Power Corp. building. I believe the big smoke stacks are from the diesel generators.
They pull these barges out of the river for winter. They just sit here until there's water again.
Here is one of the round kind of utilidor systems outside of town.
More hoar-frost, just outside of some colorful smarty-box row houses.
The frost build up creates some neat-o ice sculptures on some buildings roof vents around town.
I live little ways from here, it's a nice quiet neighborhood. At least that's what I hear people screaming at 3:00 am.
This is "The Dome", it belongs to a locale cable TV and cellular provider. Not to be confused with...
See that antenna stump sticking from the top? Remember that blizzard I mentioned a while ago? It broke the top of that antenna off and poked a hole int the top of the geodesic-dome. More storm damage later.

"The Igloo Church", Inuvik's most photographed building.
Naturally, being the sheep I am, I took a picture of the Igloo church and posted it online with the probably thousands of other pictures taken by equally wooly people. Mine's better though, it has moxie, whatever that means.

This is Inuvik's locale mosque, I've heard people call it "The Little Mosque on the Tundra".
Here's some of that storm damage I mentioned earlier. Ripped them right off by the looks of it.
Ok, back to the purdy naturey stuff. Fading sunlight on snowy branches.
This is sort of naturey, other than that that really tall thingy in the background I suspect is one of the town's cell towers.
See, more purdey stuff! The sun produces some splendorous color in the late afternoon.
Ok, one last sunset right out the doors from my workplace.
I'm working hard on getting some video up here soon. Stabilizing the video from my new camera is turning out to be a chore, but with some diligence I should have something passable to put up here.

Until then, I need to get sleep before the view outside my window includes a fiery orange ball like the one in the last couple of photos.

G'nite internet!


suhweetsunshine said…
the second last photo is totally my favourite! Is that the train the suns coming over?
Jeff D. Jones said…
No just buildings, it's kind of flat here.
Jeff D. Jones said…
Oh, and there are no trains up this far north. The closest railroad is a short track near Whitehorse.

You got me curious so I looked it up. ;)

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