Twas a bright and sunny evening...

Spring is here and gone in the blink of an eye. It's unreal how quickly the seasons change up here. We are in full-on 24 hour sunlight now.

I managed to spend some quality time with my camera down at the river as the ice melted and snapped as many pictures as I could. Candle ice is visually amazing!

The river is completely clear now, these photos were taken a couple of weeks ago.


"Race Track Melt" 


"Gnarled Old Tree"


"Iceburgs II"

"Many Stages of Melt"

"The Melting Mountains"


"Alone Against The Sun"

"The White Knight"

"The Fortress of Solitude"

"Dark Needles"

"Towers & Mud"

"The Jagged Edge"

"Candle Ice"

"MacKenzie Delta Vista"


"Needles In The Drink"

"The Scalpel"



"Dashed Upon The Shore"

"Odd Angles"

"Spring Skies"

"A Moment of Clarity"

"The Claw"

"Cyan Shards"


About The Video: I've run into some problems with video, both my computer and my software isn't up to the task at the moment. So I won't be posting any video until I have a better computer... which is soon I hope.

Once I get a new machine there should be a steady trickle of things to upload.

Anyhow, it's way late here. G'nite folks.


Anonymous said…
you should send some to BCTV lol

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