The Last Of Fall...

I recently went on a photography outing with my friend Danielle and her canine friend Cash. Danielle is just as big a photography nut as I am so it was a fun outing filled with the clicking of camera shutters. We went to a lookout near G'witchin Camp about half hour down the Dempster from Inuvik.

Another Cool Tundra Plant

The One In The Foreground With White Flowers Is A Labrador Tea Plant

Scenic Lookout...So Craggy

Some Purdey Moss Up In This Crib

Rocks & Trees

Cash - Tundra & Black Labs Seem To Play Well Together

No Cash, I'm Not A Squirrel

Another Wicked Rock Bluff

I Dub Thee Firemoss!

I Think Eating These Turns Your Plumber Hat Red & Lets You Throw Fire
Just A Chunk Of Dead Wood

Danielle & Cash - He Stood Still Just Long Enough To Snap This

Now That's A Lookout!

Here's What You See From The Lookout Bench
More Scenic Goodness

Panorama Style!

Found This Wicked Inukshuk Nest, Didn't Find Any Eggs Though, Too Bad
While we were up there Danielle stumbled across this big flat area filled with Inukshuk's, they were all over. I decided they would make a nice test for some HDR photos, and I was so right...naturally. Hey, it happens sometimes!

Behold, my first HDR photos. (If you don't know what an HDR photo is, just google "HDR Photography".)

This One Is A Bit Subtle Compared To The Rest

Inukshuks, All Dark And Gloomy Style

This One Was Pretty Tall

Attack Of The Earth Elementals, Yeah I'm A Dork

Through The Grass

Daniell & Her New Rocky Friend Doing Self Portraits

So there you have it, and now coming up nine months of solid white photos. Ok, maybe not, but most of them will likely contain some form of frozen water. Cheers!

Jeff J.


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