Here we go again...

Winter is here...again. No matter how brightly summer shines in the north, its all too short, and winter is just around the corner.

Its been an interesting year, and my life has changed in wholly unexpected ways. I found love, something I had pretty much stopped looking for. My girlfriend, Sally, is one of a kind; a somehow perfect mix of northern spirit, occasionally mystifying logic, wild-but-sound common sense, remarkable intelligence, uproarious brazenness, gut-busting whit, contrary disposition and purity of soul. She makes me laugh, hard. Seriously, I think I may have bruised ribs. Being with her just feels right in ways I didn't think possible.

Its been a long time since I have posted, my apologies to anyone what actually reads this. My life had gotten busy for a while, with little time for photography, nor any of my countless other hobbies. I have been adjusting to a new type of life, and for a while, everything had taken a back seat. Recently, however, I have decided to make a little more time for these pursuits. Hopefully it doesn't take me another year to make my next post.

I haven't done a lot of photography during this period; but I have snapped a photo here and there. Here are a few I think are worth sharing.

Fall at Airport Lake

Fall Shoreline on the Mackenzie Delta

Winter Is Here

Winter Skyline

Frozen Grass

Sally, Armed & Dangerous
Well, that's it for now. I still really want to add video to my blog, once I get a chance to edit some of my footage together I will eventually post some. Thanks to my amazing girlfriend, I have a new "editing capable" computer to work on. For the first time, I finally have something I can edit HD video on. Thank you again Umma (it means 'mate' or 'spouse' in Inuvialuktun).



Anonymous said…
your math is off its been 2 years actually
Jeff D. Jones said…
Lol... well then, missing a year I guess. :P

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