We just got done our last outdoors shoot, coupled with our last(ish) indoor shoot from last night and we have completed about 99.5% of our footage for "Old Ways"!

Only a single green-screen shot and one quick indoor shot is left to go. Woo, doggie!

Today was a particularly brutal shoot, according to the forecast is was only -20°C out, but it sure seemed a lot colder due to the constant wind. I am pretty sure that I came close to frostbite a couple of times today, my hands kept rubbing against the metal arm of the stabilizer rig I use to shoot with. Everyone else had cold toes, and fingers and what-not, and when it was done everyone looked pretty happy to be going back to their nice-warm homes.

Adrienne, the mad-woman that she is put stage blood on her head out in this mess! We toweled it off right after the scene, but still... madwoman! Freezing-thick liquids feel many times colder and give you frostbite many times faster and our blood was turning thick so fast we could barely get it out of the tube.

But we triumphed, plowing through all the needed scenes and just plain got-shit-done!

My cast/crew are hardcore, seriously, I think most people would have bailed on me by now. You guys are tough-as-nails, true friends!

So we are nearly done, now comes an intense week of VFX and editing. Thankfully most of the visual FX shots are simple green-screen composites. There are a few tricky shots left though, I suspect they will take the bulk of my time to deal with.

On another note, my ticket is booked. I'm going to Dead North to see ours and the 30 something other short films from this year played out on a real theater screen! If I make any mistakes they going to be up on a giant screen, for everyone to see; for my first short film! Gaaah, no pressure!

Ok, gotta go now to edit and spit-shine this sucker so I can see my face in it! If I edit half as hard as my crew gave it during filming than I have high hopes for this film!



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