Been a while...

So, we recently had a Dead North screening here in Inuvik that showcased a range of films from various years of Dead North. The turnout was pretty good, thank you to everyone that came!

I decided to premier the Director's Cut (or more accurately, the final cut) of my film at the event. To date, it's the only showing for my final cut of the film. Things went great!

I likely will not be posting the final cut of our film online at this point as I am considering putting it out to other festivals. Many of them will not accept a film that has already been placed online, although an unfinished (rough cut) is ok for some of them. My Dead North cut is considered to be unfinished, so it will remain online. I think once we are done with a few other festivals I'll post the final version.

In the mean time, I am gathering resources together again and have began to write a spring short, as well as the beginning thoughts for next years Dead North. Writing doesn't come easy to me, it takes a lot of time and consideration before things reach critical mass enough to finish a script.

For non-competition (IE, non-festival submission projects) such as this spring short, I will keep you all posted on their progress. Maybe some storyboards, animatics, production notes... well see what I can come up with.

Current target, a 3-5 minute long spring short film...



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