Write, re-write, re-write, re-write.

Hi peazeeples,

Anyone that reads any of this has probably noticed by now that I sometimes have long gaps between posts. Every so often (such as now) I notice it's been way too long and I hammer out something to say, like right now, for instance.

If you been wondering what I have been up to, the answer is writing. Over the summer I've been working on scripts and learning some new tricks to up my game.

Dead North is just around the corner, and this year I plan to be ready (we will see how that actually goes.) At this point, I'm all over the place, completely unsure as to what the project this year will be, but I'm sure once the pressure is on it will force my hand.

Back at the beginning of the year I had planned to put out another short during the summer months, a plan that didn't go quite right for a number of reasons. But I did get a lot of writing done at least.

You people should know, that when it comes to script writing, although I have been told that my final output is really quite good (so far at least), I still find the process extremely taxing. Words don't exactly flow from my soul like they do for some writers, it feels like they must be grabbed squealing by the root and torn free. Then, they must be re-hashed over and over until I'm flailing at my keyboard with little remaining but for bloody stumps where my hands should be. Eventually, after eternities spent finding different (and hopefully more clever) ways to say the same damn words, over and over again until they sounds right, I wipe the blood from my eyes and scrape the finger-meat from my keyboard only to find something quasi-polished staring back at me with taunting eyes. Because it knows the ugly truth, I still have to go out and shoot this thing!

Cool, well at least I'm in the right frame of mind to begin writing another Dead North script!

Peace out people, I'll keep you up to date.



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