Dead North 2017

Hello everyone, I figured it was time to check in with those that follow my blog.

Currently I am knee-deep in finishing my Dead North 2017 script, entitled "Phylactery". Go ahead and google it, but know it's more a reference to Dungeons & Dragons rather than the Jewish faith definition.

The theme for my short this year is alternate dimensions and dreams, and that's all you get at this point.

We are doing some amazing things this year, things that to my knowledge no-one has ever done. No seriously, at least not in the way I'm doing it. I'm really exited to talk about it, but that will have to wait until after Dead North.

I hope when all is done, we will have a fair amount of behind the scenes photos and video as well this year.

This year is going to be on an extremely tight schedule so there will be few blog posts. I can only promise two in the near future, one for the poster reveal and one for the trailer late in January.

As you may have noticed, I have preemptively changed the blog over to my new studio name. Although I'm not launching an actual company at this point, things are in the pipe to do so once the rest of the pieces fall into place early next year. I'll talk more about that in the new year sometime.

As a side note, the blog can be reached from our new domains ( and (

Another exciting piece of news, is that the newly christened 'Chill Studios' is the proud owner of a slew of new production gear. A Sony A6300 (4k Camera), Rode NT2 Microphone, Zoom H4 audio recorder and a bunch of other goodies. Thank you Umma!

For now, I had better get back to writing, that script isn't going to finish itself!

Oh yeah, and Happy Holidays everyone.



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