Edit, edit, edit, collapse.

So, there is a lot to cover, I might have to cram it into a couple of posts.

Going back two weeks ago, I was getting ready to edit our film and upload it to Dead North. With deadline for film submission rapidly approaching, we finished our last shoots, getting nearly all the footage needed to finish. I'd like to say things went wrong, but they actually went pretty good, aside from one little thing... time. The only thing that would have helped is an extra day to edit.

I took two days off work and sat in front of my computer for 4 and a quarter days, starting on Wed night and finishing at 11:24 PM on Sunday night! I finished a rough edit with 36 minutes to spare, not enough time to upload my film (although I still tried). Did I mention during this I got sick... twice? Late Thursday night I came down with a nasty cold, and Saturday night got hit with a nastier stomach bug. There's nothing like editing 'double-sick', especially while learning a new editing program!

Did I say 'finishing' the film? It wasn't really (still haven't for that matter) completely finished, and at that point in things, the film was in a pretty rough state. It needing at least few more hours of polish to fix some audio issues, insert some musical score here and there, and finish the last few VFX shots. The next day, feeling shitty in pretty much every way imaginable (mostly for my hard working cast/crew), I managed to slap the film into a view-able state and upload it. It wasn't perfect, but at least it would get to see it on the big screen.

Being late, we weren't eligible to win any Dead North Trophies, zombears, (except for the coveted Audience Choice Award, that no, we didn't win), but at least it would play on the big screen!

And sudden;y it was all over, I could stop ignoring my family (at least I keep telling telling myself that, even though I have two more short film ideas and a feature film script brewing). I'm the cook at our house, so editing turned out to be a little 'disruptive' to our usual family schedule. Nobody starved to death though thanks to 'The Roost' (our locale chinese take-out place).

I never thought I would hear the words "I'm sick of chinese food" (or something akin to that) from my woman's lips (it only took her a week to get over that feeling by the way).

Well, that's enough for today.
I'll catch you all up to date before the weekend.

Here are a few early behind the scenes photos from the production just to keep things interesting:

Sally & Charmaine Working On The Igloo Entry We Used For A Snow Tunnel

Topsey as 'Nanuk', keeping warm.

Adrienne did a bang-up prop-making job on our 'Shaman Necklace'!

Next Post.... Yellowknife, and glorious awesomeness that is...Dead North Film Festival!


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