I made a film... now what?!

There's something really addictive about filmmaking, at least, there is for me!

Now that the dust has settled on my first short, something inside me just wants to run back out and make another one. While I am aware that making it was the most difficult, and at times, frustrating experience of my life doesn't matter for some reason. I still want to run back out there and do it all over again. What the the heck is wrong with me? I used to enjoy doing nothing, and film-making is the opposite of that!

I always knew I wanted to make films since I was a kid and first watched Star Wars and Indiana Jones over, and over, and over (I've seen the original Star Wars about 29 times, maybe more!). Making my own, even though it's only a short film, has taken this thing from the realm of fantasy and focused it firmly into reality. and in doing so, it's like taking the best of my daydreams and making one real (with a tonne of hard work added to the mix).

So now I have a new goal in life, I am fully focused on turning this passion into a way to support myself and my family. I would do it even if it payed nothing, heck, I just did! But, you know, reality... stupid *grumble* *grumble*, reality... meh.

So, I have no illusions, it's going to be rough at times. But I think I have everything now to succeed, not the least of which is a supportive partner. Sally has been awesome, from being my co-writer, sharing stories and legends from her culture, playing chauffeur, being behind-the-scenes photographer, and holding the boom-pole on our shoots. She done more and more as our film went on, I couldn't ask for more. I really think she is starting to, if not understand, then at least appreciate all my crazy hobbies and passions. Thank you Sally!

So what's next?

I have started trying to answer that very question, and the answer is, for the short term, most likely going to take form as three-minute short film. Something not too difficult to shoot and edit. At this point, I don't really know exactly what it's going to be about yet, but that's half the fun!

Even as I look toward the next project, I am still working on the current one. The cut of my film released to the world was a very, very rough, unpolished version. I have been hard at work in my evenings since, finishing & polishing the vfx shots. Once they are done, I will re-edit the film with new vfx, new sound tracks, tightened dialogue and additional scenes.

I was told at Dead North that most people realize after their first short (if they even complete it) the amount of work involved, and never make a second. That is so not me thank goodness!

As soon as I've done my Director's Cut, I'm going to throw myself into writing and come up with something else to film.

For those interested, I'll keep you posted on here. Because, in case you haven't noticed this is a subject I like to talk about... a lot... and goodness knows, my woman must be sick of hearing about color grading, dynamic range, plot arcs, camera gear, audio recording, and bazillions of other film-related things!

So that's where you all come in.... wait... hey come back! Hah, kidding, if you were going to bail on me I suspect you would have done it long before this post!



Adrienne Talbot said…
Bitten...and infected by the film bug...yes indeedy...me too this film was way more fun than the ones I made in College...

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