Finally, arctic cold!

So it's -41°C today outside, -47°C with windchill and dew point. Still I'll take this over -30°C back home in BC. The dry cold in this area just isn't the same, it just kind of floats over your skin rather than seeping into it. As long as its not windy out that is. Strong wind coupled with the cold up here is amazingly brutal.

It's still oddly nice to finally see some weather up here I would deem to be "arctic". If I get a chance I'll go out with my camera and snap some of the crazy snow formations that have been developing outside.

Still waiting on my new camera, freight has been moving slowly since the massive blizzard we had on Jan 17th and its probably still sitting in Edmonton somewhere.

I dragged out my old camera during the raging blizzard we had a few days ago and hacked together a short video. It doesn't do the storm justice but its all I managed to capture and I'm bored, so there. It was so windy, its a wonder I was able to capture this much.

Inuvik Blizzard - Jan 17, 2012 from Jeff Jones on Vimeo


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