When I first came to Inuvik...

I arrived at this frosty little town right as the icy grip of winter was subsiding. One day my good friends Ali and Robin asked my to tag along as they went down to the McKenzie River to watch the ice break up.

In all honesty it was way cooler than I expected it to be. Huge chunks of ice the size of cars floating downriver studded with chunks of dirt, branches and the odd whole tree. I had taken some video at the time with my old Sony HDR-HC1 camera that I stumbled across the other day. So here are the results, a little shaky due to hand holding the camera but there's some cool shots in here... enjoy.

Inuvik - McKenzie River Spring Thaw (May 2011) from Jeff Jones on Vimeo.

Note: It's been too cold to shoot with my new camera in any great capacity, but I'm trying. I'll post something eventually.


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