Back on track!

 So this past weekend just didn't co-operate.

It started Friday, we couldn't reach one of our actors to do a, badly needed, catch-up shoot. We couldn't reach her all weekend, so the scenes planned for Sunday night were also a bust. (Things worked themselves out Sunday night though, and we are scheduled to shoot some scenes on Tuesday night this week.)

Saturday, I had planned to go out to our location from the previous week and shoot some additional still photos. But, some kids destroyed the location.

It was an outdoors area where we had utilized some structures made from snow and ice blocks. I would have used these new photos for compositing background plates to combine with footage of actors filmed against green-screen. I had some photos from the previous week, but needed several angles I hadn't realized at the time. When I got out to the location I discovered that I had also forgotten the memory-card out of my main camera and left it at home. All I got was a 'no card' message from my camera. Damn!

Thank goodness my cell-phone takes decent photos. Soldiering on I did manage to find a few pieces of the structures remained intact enough use with a little photo-manipulation magic. In the end, I managed to 'shoop' a few backgrounds together on Sunday afternoon from the previous photos and the few new images. I'm sure I am going to be able to jury-rig together the remaining backgrounds. Thank goodness the one thing we will never run out of around Inuvik is things made of snow.

In the end, the backgrounds I did get, turned out better than I could have hoped for!

Despite all the stress and disasters so far, I still feel we have a good shot at this, as long as I have enough time to capture the scenes we need and edit, do sound, score and a thousand other things!

However, please, nothing else go wrong.



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