Countdown Saturday

In three days I begin production on my first serious short film.

Cast is pretty much locked, crew is locked, script is locked-ish.
Sure, we are still missing some equipment that would make things easier, the script could be better, and it's not the film I originally envisioned due to casting issues (see below).

But you know what? I'm happy with it! If it does suck, I am confident that it will at least be on the high-quality end of suckitude!

Originally I had planned for the cast to include a male lead character and one supporting male character. But I have come to the conclusion that the men of Inuvik, are a big bunch of chickens! Lol... yeah, you heard me. Except you Jimmy, I respect your choices.

The women of Inuvik, however, represented! After a quick re-write and a few slight tweaks to the story, I have an all female cast. Not only that, but they are a talented bunch, some of them even have  actual acting experience! Huzzah.

I'll do it again after we wrap, but I want to thank you all for coming on this crazy endeavor and I will try my best to produce something worthy of your efforts.

Although me and Sal begin location prep the day before, shooting officially begins this Sunday afternoon, and I can't wait!



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